Cameron Highlands - getting there

By car

Exit the North-South highway at Exit 132 (Persimpangan Tapah), approximately 143km from KL toll.(Toll rate: RM17.70). As you exit
from the toll, turn left at the traffic junction. Follow the roadsigns. Tanah Rata is 59km from Tapah town.

OR alternatively, take the new mountain road from the Simpang Pulai junction off the North/South Highway. Exit at the Simpang Pulai
toll, at the first traffic lights turn right. Go down this road and when you get to another set of traffic lights, turn right again. This
road will take you all the way to Kampung Raja in Cameron Highlands.

Word of advice: If you're thinking of driving up to Camerons during public holiday periods ie. christmas, chinese new year, deepavali,
hari raya - avoid taking the new road as traffic can be very heavy at the Kea Farm and Brinchang town area due to shoppers
stopping to buy vegetables and fruits from stalls lining the road. Unless you're staying at Brinchang, there's no need to get all riled
up on holiday being stuck in traffic.

By train

Take the train to Tapah and from here take a taxi to Tanah Rata. The taxi costs RM60 in the morning and RM70 in the evening, per
way per taxi. Or you could wait for the bus if its not too late in the evening. There are regular local buses arriving at the Tapah Road
train station and leaving for Tanah Rata. The fare costs about RM4.00 per way.

For more on train schedules; take a look at our trains page

By bus

bus & taxi station at tanah rata

Please refer to the camerons bus schedule page . Just a note of advice, buy your bus tickets early as the buses to KL, Penang and
Ipoh are often full. Those intending to connect to other parts of Malaysia, take a local cameron's bus down to Tapah and connect
with other interstate buses there. Be warned though that during festive seasons, these buses may charge double of the stated
prices due to demand. If you want to ensure a ticket, book with your resort.

A new Bus Terminal was in the process of completion during our visit on 4th Nov 2005. This is located in Jln Besar, the main street in
Tanah Rata and only a stones throw from the old bus station.

By taxi

Outstation taxis can be hired from the main taxi stand at Tanah Rata. The rates below is an approximate as fuel prices have been
going up in the past year and taxi fares may go up accordingly. For more info, call Tanah Rata Taxi Stand - 05-4911234 or
05-4912355 :

From Cameron (Tanah Rata taxi stand) to the following destinations :  
Tapah  RM 60.00  
Ipoh  RM 80.0  
Lumut  RM 170.00  
Penang  RM 250.00  
Gua Musang  RM 160.00  
Kuala Lumpur  RM 200.00  
KLIA  RM 250.00  

For local taxi transfers:

From Cameron (Tanah Rata taxi stand) to the following destinations :  
Brinchang  RM 4.00 - RM 6.00  
Kea Farm / Butterfly Farm / EQ  RM 12.00 - RM 15.00  
Sungai Palas Tea Plantation  RM 20.00 - RM 25.00  
Kampung Raja  RM 25.00 - RM 28.00  
Cameron Valley / Bharat Tea  RM 10.00 - RM 12.00  
Boh Tea Plantation  RM 25.00 - RM 28.00
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